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May 2011

The results from the survey are now available on our blog. Click here !

André et Marjolaine
What does it mean to be an Information technician ? What are the challenges of our profession? What do we want to become? Your responses will help us answer these questions !

The survey is on line until the 24 of october inclusive.

Every part of the survey is important. We ask that you answer every question as completely as possible.

The survey is destined to graduates of the Québec province’s Information and Library Technologies programs. They must be working in the province (in whatever language) or in French in the rest of Canada.

If case of technical problems or if you have questions, contact us :

To witness the adventures that led to the survey’s creation, to see the statistics that we already have or to participate to our after work 5@7, please consult our blog :

The results of this survey will be shared at the Congrès des milieux documentaires du Québec and on the blog during the month of November.

We thank you for your participation !

André et Marjolaine
Information technicians

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