vendredi 23 juillet 2010

Learning to know each other…programs in Information technique ( part 1 )

This survey will target information technicians from the province of Québec (francophones and anglophones) and francophone technicians from the rest of Canada.  So we thought it would be a good idea to look at the school programs of those concerned !  We hope it will help to make these programs more well-known, to indicate who is admissible and to help define our collective professional identity.

First Stop : French Québec
Students are taught to :

•    Manage information on all types of support
•    Analyze the contents of diverse documents
•    Manage collections
•    Research documents or information
•    Answer requests for information

Where they work :
•    Libraries
•    Specialized documentation centres
•    Records management centres or services
•    Archive administration centres or services
•    Informational intelligence centres or services
•    Book stores

In addition to classes they have in common with other college students (French, English, philosophy, physical education, humanities) and internships, students must learn and understand the following during their three-years program :

•    Dimensions of work analysis
•    Triage of documents according to their caracteristics and provenance
•    Fundamentals of computer science
•    Techniques related to document protection, filing and conservation
•    Put together general knowledge and classification systems
•    Document formatting
•    Use of information systems
•    Retrieve information from diverse sources
•    Control the retrieving and circulation of documents
•    Use of fundamental techniques in indexing
•    Write brief document descriptions
•    Implement records management and archive administration systems
•    Communication and teamwork skills
•    Write complete catalogue entries
•    Enter documents under descriptors and specific headings
•    Classify documents with the Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress Classification systems
•    Adapt management tools for archival documents
•    Use of advertising techniques and animation techniques in the document services environment
•    Assist patrons with their research
•    Physical organization of a documentation centre or service
•    Elaboration of a plan for computerization
•    Apply a process for the accession and the acquisition by purchase of documents
•    Adaptation of management tools for administrative records
•    Collection management
•    Ameliorate the effectiveness of the working process

Next Stop : Anglophone Québec and New Brunswick

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