jeudi 26 août 2010

Survey in construction

Resulting from the vote that ended last month, we have learned that the majority of you will have about seven (7) minutes to respond to the questions of the survey. We will then choose the questions in accordance to this time limit.

We are thinking of dividing them in categories. It could look like the following example : 

Part 1 : Factual data (workplace, years of experience, etc.)
Part 2 : Informations about your tasks (most interesting tasks, future tasks, etc.)
Part 3 : Perception of the future

We have already begun to elaborate some questions.

We have start to publish examples in french, he hope to post them in english very soon.

Do you have some questions to suggest for the survey ? Please take into account that they should concern all the technicians and not only be directed at a particular group or workplace.

Thank you in advance.

André et Marjolaine

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